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The literal meaning of tractor is to drag and pull. It is a specifically designed motor vehicle used for pulling or hauling farming and construction equipment's. The core purpose of designing tractors is to help reducing manual workload and to executive mechanical tasks much easily and efficiently.

Although, there are plenty of uses of tractors but they are mainly used for agriculture activities. Tractors are normally built with two front small and rear large powerful wheels. It is because of applying powerful traction force with maximum amount of torque in rolling friction for ploughing crops effectively.

In agriculture, the tractors are used for handing various tasks such as soil cultivation, planting, fertilizing, irrigation, pest controlling, reaping, harvesting and post harvesting. All are the series of tasks performed to reap better soil and also for growing different kinds of seasonal crops such as grains, cotton, barley and vegetables. 

There are various shapes, sizes, designs and engine performance of tractors called horsepower speed. Commonly there are 18 to 85 Hp of tractors are available with two wheel and four wheel drive. Additional features are gasoline, diesel and bio-fuel diesel.

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