Brand New Zero Tillage Planter for Sale

The Zero Tillage Planter introduces an innovative solution to the customary hurdles of seeding crops post-paddy harvest. Traditionally, this procedure entails numerous tilling endeavors, which are both intricate and costly. Yet, with the Zero Tillage Planter, farmers can now sow directly without the prerequisite of preliminary seed bed preparation. This simplified approach not only conserves time and labor but also amplifies productivity, culminating in elevated yields



  1. Simplified Seeding Process: Eliminates the need for traditional tilling, saving time and labor.

  2. Cost Reduction: Reduces the expenses associated with multiple tilling endeavors.

  3. Enhanced Productivity: Allows farmers to sow directly without preliminary seed bed preparation, leading to increased productivity.

  4. Elevated Yields: By conserving time and labor while simplifying the seeding process, the Zero Tillage Planter ultimately results in higher yields for farmers.


Technical Specifications:

Specifications 09 Rows 11 Rows
Working Field Wheat Multi-Purpose
Number of Rows 9 11
Row Spacing (Adjustable) 4-6 Inch 4-6 Inch
Depth of Sowing (Adjustable) 0-6 Inch 0-6 Inch
Seed Metering Mechanism Flatted Wheel Flatted Wheel
Seed Rate Adjustable Adjustable
Seed Hopper Capacity 80 100
Field Capacity (Acres / Hr) 5 6


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