Mould Board Plough

The soil needs to be turned before it can be used for growing crops in areas where the soil is less fertile. The mould board plough, also known as turn plough, is an important tool which not only cuts furrows with a cutting blade but also turns the soil so that nutrients can be brought to the surface. It greatly reduces the amount of time needed to cultivate a field and thus allows farmers to work on a bigger area of land. The mould board is designed to cut down the soil and turn it so that the unfavorable growth of weeds, trash and crop residue are all buried. This unfavorable growth decomposes with time and transforms into manure.


1. Model
MT-02 (M)
MT-02 (H)
2. Max. Depth
22 cms
25 cms
3. Working width
85 cms
90 cms
4. Weight.
225 kg
355 kg
5. Tractor Compatibility
35 to 50 HP
60 Plus HP
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