Brand New Front Blade for Sale

Front blade is attached to compact tractors but they are much less common than rear blades. They can handle many different tasks ranging from transporting material, sorting a path or doing away with snow in the winter. They can be used for back-dragging only if the tractor is driven in reverse.



  1. Versatility: Handles tasks like material transport, path sorting, and snow removal efficiently.

  2. Year-Round Use: Suitable for various seasons, from landscaping to winter snow clearing.

  3. Back-Dragging Capability: Can be used in reverse for back-dragging operations.

  4. Unique Advantage: While less common, front blades offer distinct advantages, especially in maneuverability and visibility.


Technical specifications

Power dozer to fit MF-240, 260, 375, 385 tractors
Blade Blade
Cutting Edge Cutting Edge
Hydraulic Ram Hydraulic Ram
Control Valve Control Valve
Blade Movement Blade Movement
Front Blade Image 0
Front Blade Image 1
Front Blade Image 2
Front Blade Image 3