Wheat Thresher

Wheat Thresher is employed for the threshing of wheat crop and is abundantly used. This is a chaff cutter type thresher and is mounted with 45hp tractor and 30hp electric motor to be operated. It gives 1200 to 1400 kg of production per hour.

Threshing System: Axial Flow
Cleaning system: Certifugal Blower
Performance Parameters:
No. of Cutters 104-128
Height with Wheel 6 feet
Length of Drum 4.5 - 5.5 feet
Width of Drum 48`
No of PULLY 8
No of Belts 18
Big Wheel two 32``
Small Wheel One 25``
Overall Length 12 feet
Overall Width 5 feet
Overall Height 6 feet
Cleaning Efficiency: 99%
Grain Breakage: Almost Nil
Power Requirement: 45 HP Tractor
Labour Requirement: Four Persons
PTO Speed: 540 RPM.
Fuel Consumption:  7 - 7.5 Liter/hr



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