Rice Thresher

Rice Thresher is very similar in operation to the wheat thresher by tractor. The rice crop is fed from one end, and then the grain and chaff are separated from one another. The grain falls after receiving an air blow for cleaning. The clean grains are then discharged.

Length: 330 cm
Width: 187 cm
Height: 181 cm
Threshing Cylinder:
Length: 181 cm
Diameter: 49 cm
Type: Peg-tooth
Threshing System Axial Flow
Cleaning system: Centrifugal Blower
Performance Parameters:
Grain Output: 1.5-2 tons/hr
Cleaning Efficiency: 99%
Grain Breakage: Almost Nil
Power Requirement: 65 HP Tractor
Labor Requirement: Four persons
PTO Speed: 540 RPM.
Fuel Consumption: 7 - 7.5 Liter/hr


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