Hydraulic Disc Harrow

Disc Harrow is a cheap and fairly high speed tillage implement. It can be used as a primary or secondary tillage tool. Normally, the moldboard plows are used primarily but the disc harrow may also be used a primary tillage tool. It depends on its weight to penetrate the soil, thus disc harrows have space for extra weight to be added.

Uses and Benefits of a Disc Harrow Hydraulic

  • Used for breaking up virgin land
  • Performs deep tillage of soil
  • Removes crop residue and unwanted weeds
  • Repeatedly slices the ground for optimum results
  • Loosens and lifts the soil
  • Allows for new crops to grow quicker as it shuffles the soil.


Technical Specifications of Disc Harrow Hydraulic

  • Working width: 167.5 cm (66”)
  • Disc size/ 61 cm (24”)
  • Weight: 685 kg
  • Number of discs available: 16
  • Carbon steel discs
  • Tractor compatibility: 60-85 HP



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