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 Ford / 6610 6610
Stock No. 70811
Model Type: 6610
Location: Japan
85Hp, 3767 Hours,
Used, 4wd
 Ford / 6600 6600
Stock No. 70810
Model Type: 6600
Location: Japan


Ford Motor Company is rated as the 3rd top listed American vehicle manufacturer in the world pretty famous for its elegant and trendy cars. It offers a versatile range of products for customers including sedans, hatchbacks, SUV’S, Commercial Trucks, Buses and Vans.

The Company was founded by Henry Ford on June 16th 1903.He was a leading businessman who wholeheartedly dedicated his life in producing easily affordable and reliable cars. He introduced his first motor vehicle named as model T in the year 1908. It was a four wheel bicycle design powered by 4 hp engine.
In the year 1913, ford introduced first of its kind integrated moving assembly line that was said to be the most cost effective method in automobile manufacturing. This method revolutionized the history of vehicle production by making it much efficient with reduced time and cost.
Ford Cars have been dominating the market since a century. The company is also keeping up with latest trends by launching next generation autonomous cars.
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