Hydraulic Tipping Trailer for Sale

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Comes In Handy Whenever Transportation Of Heavy Loads Is To Be Carried Out. These Special Trailers Are Capable Of Getting Tough Jobs Done Easily On The Farm Or Field. They Can Serve A Variety Of Purposes And Are Ideal For Handling Sand, Dirt, Gravel Or Any Other Type Of Loose Material. The Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Makes Unloading Trouble Free As They Simply Dislodge Load By Tipping Up And Save The Hassle Of Shifting The Material Manually.


  1. Heavy Load Transportation: Efficiently transports heavy loads on the farm or field.
  2. Versatile: Handles various materials like sand, dirt, and gravel.
  3. Easy Unloading: Simplifies unloading with hydraulic tipping, saving time and effort.
  4. Convenience: Makes material handling hassle-free, enhancing productivity.


Technical Specifications:

Description Spec.A Spec.B Spec.C
Type Hydraulic Tipping Hydraulic Tipping Hydraulic Tipping
Capacity 4 to 5 Ton 5 to 8 Ton 8-10 Ton
Vessel Size 10` X 6.5` X 2` 11` X 6.5` X 2` 12` X 7` X2.5`
Floor MS Sheet SWG 10
Side Wall MS Sheet SWG 12
Chassis Frame
          Lower Channel: 8` X 3` 8` X 3` 10` X 3`
          Upper Channel: 6` X 3` 6` X 3` 6` X 3`
Axle Size
          Length: 52" 52" 56"
          Outer Dia: 5" 5.5" 6"
          Wall Thickness: 3/8" 3/8" 3/8"
          Qty 2 2 4
          Size: 8.25-20 8.25-20 8.25-20
Tipping Device: Double acting heavy duty locally made Ram with mechanical linkage.
Tipping Angle: 55 Degrees.
Max Lift Time: 10 Seconds at 1500-1789 rpm of Tractor Engine to its full height in empty condition.
Hydraulic kit For Trolley:
          Spool Valve: Imported from USA, Italy or U.K. Minimum Rod Dia. 20mm.
          Selector Valve: Imported from USA, Italy or U.K. Minimum Rod Dia. 20mm.
          Hyd. Hoses Imported from above countries, the Crimping and Hoses should bear a pressure of 4000 psi.There should be no joint between two connections.
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