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What is an Agricultural Tractor?

An agricultural tractor is an automotive machine capable of towing, hauling, and operating other machines. It is a motor vehicle with a powerful motor and large wheels that grip the terrain strongly. Agricultural tractors are used in agricultural and livestock work. The new tractors used for agricultural purpose present characteristics in accordance with the work to be carried out.

How Tractors can be classified by their usage?

Tractors for sale are available for specific purposes. One can find different uses and applications for this type of tractor. Here are some:
•    Standard - Used for seeding and has low clearance
•    With a double drive wheel
•    Tricycle has one or two small front wheels together
•    Single-axle rototiller or tractor: it is a special self-propelled one-axle vehicle, driven by a person who marches on foot. Used for superficial soil work, especially for tilling small areas in horticulture and gardening.
•    Combine harvesters
•    Corn harvesters
•    Grape harvesters
•    Cotton pickers
•    Sugar cane harvesters

How agricultural Tractors are classified according to their specialization?

According to Tractor Experts, taking into account the type of work or activity, there are specialized tractors that facilitate the task and allow us to improve productivity, such as:
•    Fruit bowls: they are used in areas or regions of fruit crops with larger plantation frames or also in vineyards with narrower frames up to 2.5m wide. This type of special tractors has quick and easy accessibility to these areas and the relevant tasks, since they have a narrow cabin and between 60-90 CV
•    For olive groves: suitable for working in areas with more or less slopes, and strong to withstand the task of an implement, such as a vibrator.
•    For greenhouse work: very versatile, simple, and easy to handle tractors. Compact between 40-50CV.
•    For landscaping and green areas: they are small and compact tractors, highly versatile. They allow easy driving and have power steering.

Brand New Tractors of Massey Ferguson

At Car Junction, we gather the most trusted suppliers in agriculture to offer you the best in agricultural machinery, such as new tractors of Massey Ferguson tractors. If you need a machine to help you with the cultivation and harvest of your plantations, a Massey Ferguson may be the best recommendation for you.
Massey Ferguson is a global brand of the AGCO Corporation group. The origin of Massey Ferguson dates back to 1953, after the merger of the American Massey Harris and the firm Harry Ferguson Limited, from England. Already under the name Massey Ferguson, it was founded in 1958 and since 1994 is part of the AGCO Corporation group.