Adjustable Pintle Hook

An adjustable pintle hook available at Carjunction Tractors, is used in combination with an agricultural trolley which is mounted to a tractor’s back. A pintle hook allows for a pivot point so that the trolley can carry heavy loads with ease. Heavy-duty towing is made possible due to a lunette ring that makes great motion possible. Pintle hooks work best for rough and off-road terrains, as one may come across dramatic angles on such roads. These are better than ball couplers. It makes turning easier.

Adjustable Pintle Hook Uses and Benefits:

·         Especially useful when towing heavy loads on tough pathways safely

·         A superior alternative to a ball mount

·         Can support a substantial load due to its thick body

·         Easier to couple and decouple

·         Can carry maximum tongue weight

·         Well suited for military applications as well, due to superior flexibility. 


Adjustable Pintle Hook Specifications

·         I pintle hook II

·         Weight: 50 kgs

·         Compatible with 50-85 HP tractors

·         Towing capacity: 5 to 10 tons. 


Adjustable Pintle Hook Image 0