Hay Baler

Round hay baler is mainly used for picking up straw and packing wheat straw, corn straw etc. 
Convenient for transport, keeping and deep processing. 
This machine can work in farm and pasture, It also can adjust the length and density depend on the requires of the raw material, transportation, and keeping.


Bale size (dia.xwidth)(cm)                            61x70

Overall dimension (LxWxH)(cm)                  130x130x135

Structure Weight (kg)                                   440

Pickup width (cm)                                         80

Efficiency (km/h)                                           2-5

Tyre                                                              16x6.50-8-4PR

Matching power (hp)                                    25-50

PTO speed (rpm)                                         540



1. Make the picking and bundling up at one time

2. Easy to transport and storage after strapping

3. Small volum,light weight,compact structure,easy to operate

4. Can be followed in combine harvester to achive the best effect,save time and effort

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