Rear Blade

Rear Blade is one of the most useful implements that you can attach to a compact tractor. Of the numerous types of blades available, a rear blade is probably the most resourceful. It can be used for leveling, moving small amounts of soil, cutting shallow ditches and back-dragging


1. Mounting construction: Category 1, three-point linkage entirely steel frame, Reversible high carbon steel cutting edge.

2. Blade Angle: Adjustable 0° to 70° in two increments to either side and similarly with blade facing rearward.

3. Blade pitch: Adjustable from 0° to 40°

4. Blade Width: 7 ft.

5. Overall length 5 ft. (with grader wheel)

6. Weight 170 kg

7. Accessories: Grader wheel kit

8. Tractor Compatibility: 35- 85 hp

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