Swinging Drawbar


A swinging drawbar is a farm accessory available at Carjunction Tractors. It is used for moving large loads attached to tractors. A swinging drawbar is a coupling device, as its one end is attached to a tractor and the other to the vehicle that is to be towed. It allows for easy turning and flexibility.


Uses and Benefits of a Swinging Drawbar

• Allows for safe hauling of heavy loads

• A safe implement that moves laterally for easier turning

• Makes fluid turning possible and decreases rigidity.

• Decreases chances of tipping

• Reduces side draft


Technical Specifications of a Swinging Drawbar

• Attached to a tractor under centre axle housing

• Compatibility: above 50 HP Massey Ferguson tractors

• Adjustable drawbar height

• Conforms with British standards

• Clevis hitch point at 36 mm from the PTO shaft

• Maximum static load capacity: 771 Kg (1700 Lbs) with the drawbar in the outer position, and 998 Kg (2200 Lbs) in the inner position.

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