Brand New Toka Machine

The Toka Machine is perfect for any farmer who has a nominal livestock. This cutter is long lasting, motorized and it cuts uniformly which is best for the live stock. Food Cutter is the most frequently used agricultural implement in African and Caribbean countries.


Uses Of Toka Machine

In simpler terms, the Toka Machine is a hay and straw-cutting machine which is developed with a purpose to uniformly chop the fodder for dairy animals. Toka Machine can be easily used for chopping all kinds of dry and green fodder into small pieces to be given to the animals for eating.
These Toka Machine are used to chop the green or dry fodder of Bajra, Jawar, Corn, Barseem, Sugarcane, Paddy, Grass, Groundnut etc.



Weight                               75 Kgs (Including Motor)
Cutting Blade                   High Carbon Steel (2-Nos.)
Bearing Size                     6204 & 6206
Blade Size                         510 Mm



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